About Me

About me

Hi! My name is Dennis. I'm an ambitious person who strives to grow as a person in as many areas as possible. I like to challenge myself by trying out new and exciting things. I always want to get better and simultaneously develop new skills. I've tried out different educations and career choices since I graduated high school, from the restaurant business to one year in Master of Science specializing in astrophysics.
But one thing that has always been close to my heart is game development and games in general. My favorite genres of games I like to play are adventure-like games or FPP horror games.

My game interest started when I was five, and I got my first Game Boy Color from my parents as a birthday gift. The games I got with it were Pokémon Yellow and Super Mario Land. I remember when I used to sneak up after my parents went to bed to play a few more hours before I fell asleep.

My passion for games remains strong, and now I aspire to share the joy they bring me with others.


  • Unreal Engine
  • Unity
  • Maya 
  • Photoshop
  • Visual Studios
  • Blender


  • Swedish (Native)
  • English (Full professional)
  • Spanish (Working professional)
  • Japanese (Limited working)



Japanese Language certificate